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More details on upcoming sequel Hellraiser: Revelations: Plot & 1st Casting!

08.24.2010by: Jared Pacheco

Just the other day I told you all about a new HELLRAISER sequel heading our way and less than 24 hours ago new guy Moises hit us all with the news that Doug Bradley would not be reprising his role as the infamous 'Pinhead,' a role the actor has tackled for eight films. Now I'm sure you're all following along with this little diddy and I'm sure you're all just as disappointed as I am with the subtraction of Doug Bradley. But perhaps there's some silver lining in here somewhere?

I'm talking about the latest casting news for HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS coming at us via the guys over at Bloody-Disgusting. You see according to those hombres the gorgeous Peta Wilson has just signed on to star in the film! The veteran actress is set to play the mother of one of the main characters. And who are these main characters you may ask? Well Bloody-Disgusting also got a look at a brief plot for the film:

HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS will follow two friends who unleash Pinhead (who becomes their master of pain). Apparently, one of the friends has a change of heart. He backs out on his oath hoping to swap himself out with one of his friend's family members.

Apparently there will be both a male and female cenobite alongside 'Pinhead' in the film and it looks like there's actually going to be a new take on the classic horror icon via "Pseudo-Pinhead." Not sure how I feel about that one... HELLRAISER: REVELTATIONS is geared to start filming next month in Los Angeles with Victor Garcia behind the camera.

Extra Tidbit: Peta Wilson (above) is probably best known as 'Nikita' from TV's "La Femme Nikita."



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