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04.18.2007by: Ammon Gilbert

Just a few weeks ago fellow knucklehead Scott pointed you folks in the direction of a bunch of new images from DAY WATCH, and today your prayers have been answered, as now there's EVEN MORE to check out!

This time they're over at CountingDown, and while we've seen a few of them before, there's a couple in the bunch that are new- including more of this chick with the kick-ass top. I enjoyed the hell out of NIGHT WATCH, and yet I don't remember if this chick was in it- either way, she's pretty hot... and that's always a plus!

If you head over THIS WAY you can check out the lot of them, or just tap that rack above for the entire gallery. Excited yet? You should be. DAY WATCH is scheduled to hit theaters June 1st, 2007.

Source: Counting Down



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