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More F13s to DVD!

04.14.2009by: Eric Walkuski

When Paramount released the first three "special edition" FRIDAY THE 13th DVDs in February (and only the first one on Blu-Ray), most of you had the same reaction: "That's cool, but what about the other ones, motherf*cker!" Well, stop calling me motherf*cker, and I'll give you some news!

Looks like they heard the call for more blood (Camp Blood, that is) and will be re-releasing Parts 4, 5, and 6 this June. AND, for you Blu-Ray freaks, parts 2 and 3 will get their due on that format. (I guess when the next batch of FRIDAY DVDs are released, we'll see 4,5, and 6 hit Blu-Ray, and so on...)

As you know, my man Ammon is the DVD guru around these parts, and will hit you up with all the special features in his next DVD BUZZ-SAW column (and it's looking like these things are packed). For now, you can gaze upon the artwork for the new releases and salivate. I'm actually really digging the cover for A NEW BEGINNING, although I personally think it should feature a paramedic van parked outside of the house (which doesn't look anything like the actual house in the film)...

Extra Tidbit: I like Part 5, so f*ck off...
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