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02.27.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
While there really isn't a legitimate reason for the upcoming remake of THE STEPFATHER, that doesn't mean it's not happening, no matter how hard we wish it weren't true, so I suppose the only thing you can really do is accept it and try to move on...

The Hollywood Reporter announced that THE STEPFATHER scored two new cast members this morning: Jon Tenney and Amber Heard (smokin' hottie from ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE). The two join Sela Ward, Penn Badgly, and Dylan Walsh in the remake, Tenney playing the real father to Badgly (the film's protagonist) while Heard will play Badgly's girlfriend.

While switching the roles of the stepchild from female to male may sound like a good idea, let's just take a look at what happened to the last pointless 80s remake that decided to switch the gender of the film's hero (*cough*cough*THE HITCHER*cough*cough*) - it didn't work too well.

The film reteams writer/director duo Nelson McCormick and J.S. Cardone, who recently collaborated on the upcoming PROM NIGHT remake. Oh boy - what are we getting ourselves into here...

Only positive is that Heard is hot, and it's nice to see her career's picking up - too bad it's headed for trash like this. Stick around for more on THE STEPFATHER as it flows our way...



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