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More H2 updates!

08.26.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

Thank the lord that HALLOWEEN II (H2) hits theaters on Friday. I don't know how many more of these updates I can keep doing--I swear I think I've seen the movie in still and clip form already. So what's a few more, right?

Apparently the film's OFFICIAL WEBSITE has been updated with a few new images that we haven't seen before. And by 'we' and mean 'I', as they're all new to me! Especially the one above. Doesn't that just scream bizarre?

And on a totally unrelated to the website, there's a new clip from the folks over at The Flick Cast, featuring even more bizarre imagery than what we've seen thus far. Be fare warned though, if you want to keep any level of surprise or newness to your theatrical experience, you may want to hold off on checking it out. Then again, what's one more clip gonna hurt?

HALLOWEEN 2 battles THE FINAL DESTINATION in theaters everywhere this Friday.

Extra Tidbit: How much bank do you think H2 will make this weekend?



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