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09.22.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
Just like a few weeks ago, we got a heads up from an inside scooper today about some casting news for HOSTEL PART 2. Could be true, could be B.S., but last time the source seemed to turn out right, so here goes nothing!

Apparently Milan Knazko, who's starred in a few Slovakian flicks, has been cast in the role of Sacha - the owner of the hostel in question, and from our source, he's f*cking badass! Also, the guy's a former minister of the Slovakian government (Knazko, not Sacha)! Ironic, as HOSTEL wasn't too kind to Slovakia, and most likely hurt its economy, as who the hell wants to visit Slovakia after seeing that movie (I know I don't!).

HOSTEL PART 2 is sounding to be one cool flick, and if everything I've heard about is true, I don't think anyone will be disappointed! I mean, seriously- a former Slovakian government minister? How cool is that? I mean, look at the guy- doesn't he scream evil hostel owner? Perfect casting right there. Plus the dudes from DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES - Richard Burgi and Roger Bart - who apparently started filming their scenes this week. How can we go wrong here? Stick around for more casting news and set updates as we hear them!

Thanks to Anonymous in L.A. for the heads up!
Source: AITH



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