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02.13.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
Earlier this month we were officially told that the Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez directed homage to horror flicks GRINDHOUSE was gearing up to start filming- but not a whole lot about who else was involved. Until today.

Rodriguez's zombie flick PROJECT TERROR, and Tarantino's slasher DEATH PROOF will both clock in at 75 minutes each, seperated by fake trailers of fake upcoming movies, as well as other classic 70s theater ads. The fake films might include a blaxploitation pic, or a kung fu movie- as well as possible ideas for future GRINDHOUSE installments. Sweet! Filming the trailer for the sequel to the movie your making now- how frickin' cool is that?

So the big news here folks? HOSTEL and CABIN FEVER director Eli Roth has signed on to direct one of the fake trailers!!! No word on what movie he'll be filming, but I'm guessing a homage to films like I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE and LAST HOUSE OF THE LEFT. Why? I don't know, just calling it a hunch, we'll see if I'm right when the flick comes out.

Last week IESB posted that Michael Keaton is set to star in PROJECT TERROR. Now this comes word of mouth from a fan who ran into Keaton at a restaurant, so it's pretty much rumor at this point, but why would Keaton lie? No reason to, man! And so for that reason, I think it's legit. Cool! Sure, Keaton was in the shitfest known as WHITE NOISE, but he's done a good job far too many times for that p.o.s. to scratch his image, so I think it's great he'll be in a PROJECT TERROR. Now who else will join the cast? Seems to me, everyone in Hollywood would want a piece of this action, so here's to the greatest cast of characters ever filmed!

Yes, high hopes, but what can I say, I can't wait for this movie!!! Stay tuned for more upcoming news on GRINDHOUSE as we hear it. And that pic of Pamela Anderson came up while Googling Eli Roth. Go figure...

Source: VarietyIESB



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