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More lycan and vampire action coming as Underworld reboot lands a writer

08.28.2014by: Kevin Woods

We've been hearing rumblings of a fifth entry in the popular UNDERWORLD series for a few months now, first bringing you word that a new film was in the works back in March. Now it seems that Lakeshore Entertainment is looking to welcome us back to the Underworld with The Hollywood Reporter sharing the news that the production company is looking to reboot the franchise, and they've landed a writer for the job.

THR is reporting that THE LAST WITCH HUNTER scribe Cory Goodman has been tapped to write the UNDERWORLD reboot. Goodman also wrote the 2011 Paul Bettany-starring PRIEST.

Lakeshore's Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi are producing the reboot. No word yet as to whether or not series star Kate Beckinsale will return as the sexy and badass vampire Selene.

The first UNDERWORLD film, directed by Len Wiseman and starring Beckinsale, was released in 2003. Three films followed, the first being UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION in 2006, followed by the 2009 prequel UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS, with the last film, UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING, arriving in 2012. UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING was the top earner in the franchise, taking in $160 million worldwide. The vampires versus werewolves franchise has grossed $458.2 million worldwide.

More on the UNDERWORLD reboot as we hear it.

Kate Beckinsale

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Source: THR



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