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More new looks at Matt Ryan as NBC's Constantine

May. 12, 2014by: Eric Walkuski

If you're looking for some more "Constantine" goodness after the three-minute promo we posted earlier, you're in luck! The horror series' Facebook page was recently updated with a couple of new images of Matt Ryan as the titular character, and you can find them right here! Got to love Ryan's resemblance to the anti-hero from Hellblazer's pages.

Based on the wildly popular DC Comics series Hellblazer, seasoned demon hunter and master of the occult John Constantine (Matt Ryan, Criminal Minds) specializes in giving hell hell. Armed with a ferocious knowledge of the dark arts and his wickedly naughty wit, he fights the good fight or at least he did. With his soul already damned to hell, hes decided to leave his do-gooder life behind, but when demons target Liv (Lucy Griffiths, True Blood), the daughter of one of Constantines oldest friends, hes reluctantly thrust back into the fray and hell do whatever it takes to save her. Before long, its revealed that Livs second sight an ability to see the worlds behind our world and predict supernatural occurrences is a threat to a mysterious new evil thats rising in the shadows. Now its not just Liv who needs protection; the angels are starting to get worried too. So, together, Constantine and Liv must use her power and his skills to travel the country, find the demons that threaten our world and send them back where they belong. After that, who knows maybe theres hope for him and his soul after all.

riter Daniel Cerone (The Mentalist, Dexter) serves as executive producer with David S. Goyer (Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Rises). Constantine is produced from Bonanza Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. The show is based upon characters published by DC Entertainment.

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