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04.16.2008by: Jared Pacheco

Last week I told you all about a behind the scenes video for TWILIGHT from ETOnline. Well today we've got a bunch more updates for TWILIGHT.

Above you can see the official logo for the movie, courtesy of ShockTillYouDrop. Fans might notice it's almost exact resemblence to the novel's logo, which is a plus in my eyes. Head on over to ShockTillYouDrop to see another version of the logo above. Below you can find a few new stills from the flick as well as two videos. The videos come from MTV. They're two more behind the scenes clips, one dealing with a poll TWILIGHT fans took part in. The other video gives a good look at what we can expect from the flick, with some action, love, and we see the fun the actors are having on set. You can also head here to see that.

The first still below, actually released a while ago, comes from StephenieMeyer.com while the other two come from EdwardAndBella.net (as labeled). The stills are actually pretty damn cool, showing some vampire action (unlike those promo shots released.) Then directly below that is a picture unrelated to the movie showcasing the gorgeous Nikki Reed.

So loads of goodies for TWILIGHT today. At first look, this one seems a bit more of the tween deal, but after checking out some of these clips, we might be in for more than we expected. It also seems like Summit is gearing up to make this one huge, on par with the other 'book-to-movie' films mentioned in the vid.

So scope all the media out below, click the last two stills to see some higher res versions. TWILIGHT hits theaters December 12.



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