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More Wolf Man set

04.29.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
A few weeks ago we were shown a bunch of new images coming from the set of the upcoming Benecio del Toro werewolf movie WOLF MAN, and today... today there are even more!

While not as exciting or big-star revealing as the first batch of stills, The Wiltshire Times have posted a bunch of new images, mostly showing off the town transformed into Victroian-era for the film, as well as the mounds of extras all dressed up like it was 1899.

However, they did score this shot of Hugo Weaving in character and THAT is something that's pretty cool to check out. That guy kinda creeps me out, so playing the film's detective (which I'm sure they're spin as the 'bad guy') will probably creep me out even more. Great actor, don't get me wrong, just creeps me out... and this pic of him smiling isn't helping things.

To check out what the town and the extras in WOLF MAN are looking like these days, click HERE, and get ready for WOLF MAN in theaters this coming February.

WOLF MAN's Emily Blunt!
Source: Wiltshire Times



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