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More zombies on TV, Fox & SPT set to adapt Zombieland to the small-screen

10.17.2011by: Jake Dee

With the second season of "The Walking Dead" gobbling TV ratings...I guess it only makes sense.

THR has it that Fox and Sony Pictures TV have green-lit a new half-hour comedy series based on Ruben Fleischer's 2009 hit zom-com ZOMBIELAND. Be honest, is that something you'd be down with?

Word is scribes of the film, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, will reprise their duties for the small-screen adaptation. Gavin Polone is set to produce, as he did with the feature film, with plans to get the film into development for the 2012-2013 broadcast season.

As alluded to in the opener, this development is really not that shocking from Fox and SPT's point of view. And honestly, a ZOMBIELAND 2 never seemed very likely to begin with, especially considering how busy the cast members became in the wake of the film's success (Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg in particular). And with horror making its undying mark on the TV format ("True Blood", "Dexter", "American Horror Story", "Teen Wolf" etc. etc.), a ZOMBIELAND show seems a wise move...at least on paper.

But all that's immaterial if there's no viewer interest. So let's drum a poll. You game for such a prospect, or would you rather see a straight up ZOMBIELAND 2 movie?

The Stone

Extra Tidbit: A legitimately good idea or a sad attempt to get "The Walking Dead's" audience?
Source: THR



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