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Morrow's TZ accident

09.29.2008by: The Arrow

As you may know, actor Vic Morrow was killed in 1983 while shooting his segment for Twilight Zone: The Movie, under director John Landis' helm. Morrow and two young kids (who were working under the table on the show) never saw another day after a bit involving "too big for their own good" explosions and an a helicopter that went out of control sent them to their doom. The outcome was: Morrow and one kid decapitated by the copter's rotor blade and the other child crushed by the vehicle.

After reading a book about the affair called Outrageous Conduct: Art, Ego, and the Twilight Zone Case, one that I highly recommend BTW (get it here) I semi became obsessed with the whole Twilight Zone thing. So I checked out the movie again (read my review of it here) and wound up finding the footage of the accident within CHOPPER DOWN, a never aired look at copter mishaps on film sets, that was produced by HBO in 1989. If morbid curiosity snaps at ya like it did me - check it out below.

EERIE NOTE: When Morrow was acting in Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, he had to do an helicopter scene, and he said this to the filmmakers: "Iím not getting up in the helicopterÖ I have a premonition that Iím going to get killed in a helicopter crash."


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