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Mother of Tears gets Filth

08.10.2007by: Eric Walkuski

Either Iím behind the times or just donít have an appropriate appreciation for filth-heavy baby beds, but the band CRADLE OF FILTH is something of an enigma to me. I admit Iíve heard the name before, but I couldnít name a single track theyíve done. ďBaby-Bottle of Muck?Ē ďScum Stroller?Ē Wait, did they do ďHigh-Chair full oí Dogshit?Ē Maybe Iím guilty of assuming all their songs find ways to combine waste and baby products.

This brings me to WHY Iím talking CRADLE OF FILTH: it appears the groupís lead singer, Dani Filth (whatís that, Australian?), has just recorded vocals for ď(Sheís) The Mother of Tears,Ē for, you guessed it, THE MOTHER OF TEARS soundtrack. The track was composed by longtime Argento collaborator Claudio Simonetti, who of course is the MAN when it comes to creepy synthesizer scores.

Mr. Filth had this to say:ď'It was a real honor to be asked to work alongside Claudio Simonetti from Goblin, especially as itís the last of a trilogy for a Dario Argento movie... I received word that my services were being demanded of and I was especially delighted to have been given free reign with the vocals, both musically and lyrically, preserving the lush choir that forms the backbone of the chorus. The result is a four-minute homage to the last and most dangerous in a trio of powerful witches whose aim is to enslave the world. Having finished the song (which is intended for the filmís credits), I am now tense with anticipation for seeing the how the two work together... the film apparently rocks!Ē

Now check out the music video for PHENOMENA, starring a young Jennifer Connelly and Claudio Simonetti! Oh YouTube, you can show me anything.

Source: AITH



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