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Mother of Tears pics!

06.06.2007by: Omar Hussain

A couple of gory pics have surfaced from Dario Argento’s film MOTHER OF TEARS. I’ve always had a tough time stomaching abdomens being cut wide open, so these pics are definitely pretty visceral for me. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from Argento, who continually finds new ways of making me, and millions of others uncomfortable.

MOTHER OF TEARS is the third and final part of Argento’s “Three Mothers” trilogy that has taken about 30 years to finish. The film stars Dario Argento’s beautiful daughter, Asia, as the character of Sarah Mandy. Mandy is an art student who releases a powerful witch in modern-day Rome. Framed for murder and on the run from both the law and the Mother's demonic minions, Sarah seeks help from her boyfriend who suffers his own tragedy when he discovers his son has been kidnapped by the rampant evil spreading throughout the city. Sarah must now tap into powers she never even knew she had to defeat the Mother.

Now Asia Argento on the other hand, can make me feel uncomfortable all she wants!

Source: Nocturno



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