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Mother's Day BTS

09.17.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

Director Darren Lynn Bousman is rocking the house and filming MOTHER'S DAY like a madman in Winnipeg, and if you're following him on Twitter, you can check out his daily antics and updates from the set. They're fun and entertaining and it's as if you're actually there. Ok, maybe not actually there, but you get the picture.

Yesterday Bousman posted a new BTS pic of himself as he's about to direct a scene with the great Lloyd Kaufman and his brother, Charles! That's right, the director the original MOTHER'S DAY is making a cameo appearance in the remake, and you can see the trio above to get an idea of what that'll be like. Sweetness!

In other MOTHER'S DAY news, the L.A. Times posted an article about the flick that Bousman basically calls misleading and not true. You can read the whole article HERE, but fare-warned,--the author hates horror movies, and her article may very well piss you off!!!

It's so crazy what people decide to waste their time and effort doing. Ranting and raving about how horror movies like MOTHER'S DAY are the root of society's downfall is naive and ignorant. But horror is no stranger at being the world's scapegoat, so what are you gonna do? You can also check out the producer's response to the article HERE.

Keep it here for more MOTHER'S DAY news and updates as filming continues!

Extra Tidbit: Be sure to follow @darren_bousman--he still promises a new image from MOTHER'S DAY if he hits 5,000 followers!
Source: TwitterLA Times



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