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Mother's Day scouting

06.18.2009by: Eric Walkuski

It's a slow news day when I'm getting my scoops from a f*cking Twitterberry, whatever that is. I know, it's some kind of combination of Twitter and Blackberry, but come on man... Nobody should be involved with a "Twitterberry". Unless it's the hot new drug on the street. Then, by all means...

In any event, Darren Lynn Bousman got his twitterberry on earlier, tweeting to the world that his update of MOTHER'S DAY is in full swing. Bousman is apparently currently scouting locations. Where? The man's not giving it up that easy. But he teases us with tidbits like: up early to start location scouting... FIRST UP - we are going to go scout a $%$#^#$&> Wait, I can't give you a spoiler THIS early! and OK, the LOCATION were we are thinking of filming - it requires taking TWO PLANES, a massive layover - and going through security TWICE. UGH!

Not much, but at least we now know the flick is in pre-production. (And in a foreign country, I guess?) No mention yet of producer Brett Ratner, but I'm sure he's doing his part by sitting beside a pool in Malibu while a hottie feeds him twitterberries from between her breasts... Gotta be a good life, that.

The original MOTHER'S DAY focuses on a deranged mother and her two sons as they torment and torture a pair of helpless girls in New Jersey.

Maybe Darren's REPO star Paris can get whacked by mom and her clan?

Extra Tidbit: Darren is a friend of AITH, and we wish him all the best! Keep them tweets coming!
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