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Movie based on interactive comic Anomaly coming soon

Sep. 13, 2013by: Eric Walkuski

Relativity Media will finance, produced and distribute ANOMALY, a live action feature based on the interactive comic book created and written by Skip Brittenham and Brian Haberlin. Ed Ricourt (NOW YOU SEE ME) will write the screenplay.

Anomaly, an epic science-fiction adventure, is available as a 370-page hardcover book and as a stand-alone tablet app. Here's what it's all about:

Set in the distant future, Anomaly centers on a disgraced Conglomerate Enforcer who gets a shot at redemption by leading a rag tag group of explorers on a first contact mission to a newly discovered planet. The mission turns out to be a deadly trap and the leader and crew are stranded with all their technology destroyed. Their only chance is to rely on their wits and earn the trust of the warring hostile inhabitants if they have any chance to return home to earth. The multi-platform property started with a 370-page hardcover comic published last year.

You can check out the comic's official site HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Has anyone checked out ANOMALY yet?
Source: Deadline


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