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MTV developing Paranormal Activity-esque show "The Experiment"

07.25.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Even though last fall's "The River" failed to stay afloat, producer Jason Blum will not be deterred in his quest to make a found-footage narrative work on television.

The producer is developing a PARANORMAL ACTIVITY-style television show for MTV called "The Experiment", says The Hollywood Reporter. As Blum worked on the original PARANORMAL, in addition to its sequels, it seems like it's in his wheelhouse, even his ABC project "The River" was more or less ignored by viewers.

Brian Horiuchi (CIRCLE OF 8) and Miguel Sapochnik (director of REPO MEN) came up with the story for "The Experiment," the logline of which is being kept under wraps. Horiuchi will write while Sapochnik will direct.

As soon as more details rise up, we'll pass them along.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY star Katie Featherston

Extra Tidbit: Is this the kind of show you can picture yourself watching?
Source: THR



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