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03.22.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
When I was a kid, not only was I grooving to the likes of FRIDAY THE 13TH and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST, but I was also into stuff a bit lighter, like GHOSTBUSTERS and THE MONSTER SQUAD. They were fun, had elements of horror, and most of all, they were aimed at kids (so I got all the humor).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there's a new script floating around looking to be picked up that touches that kid/comedy/horror vein once again. This one's called THE EXORCIST SQUAD, from writing team Jeff Hause and David Hines (ONCE BITTEN). No, it's not a sequel, prequel or spin-off of THE MONSTER SQUAD, but an urban GHOSTBUSTERS- or, at least, that's how it's being pitched. Bill Fishman is already attached to direct the script, with Charlie Murphy set to star. Charlie is Eddie's brother, and actually has an extensive resume, including a regular on CHAPPELLE'S SHOW, and in the upcoming UNEARTHED. Dude looks just like Eddie, I'm surprised I haven't noticed him before.

The vague premise of THE EXORCIST SQUAD sounds entertaining enough, though I'm not sure movies like this work as well as they did in the 80s. Just look at HAUNTED MANSION. More on the develops of this SQUAD as we hear them!



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