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My Bloody 3D movie!

02.28.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
Sometimes your hit with some crazy news, and then there's this. According to Lionsgate, the upcoming remake of MY BLOODY VALENTINE is going to be released... in 3D!!!

That's right - for those of us who missed FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 in actual 3D will finally be able to get some slasher love in TRUE 3D. Impalings that will actually poke audiences in the eye? Beheadings where the head flies over your head after it's lopped off? Spears, knives, axes, and anything else sharp being thrust toward the camera for cheap, inexpensive thrills? I'm so there!

While I can't really get into the fact that they're remaking this flick, I'm stoked as hell they're going 3D - it may be just a gimmick, but I fall for it everytime. What can I say, when a movie's in 3D, no matter the film's actual quality, it's always a good time. Always.

VALENTINE's release date has also been bumped up from the Friday the 13th release date in February of '09, to January 23rd of '09. Bummer that it's off the Friday the 13th date, but with THE WOLF MAN and FRIDAY THE 13TH already claiming that day, one less horror flick is probably a good idea.

Next year will be the year of 3D horror, as Alexandre Aja's PIRANHA and FINAL DESTINATION 4 are both planning on being released in 3D as well. Awesome. Totally awesome!

Source: Lionsgate



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