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My Week with Marilyn producer developing "classic" ghost story

02.27.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Colin Vaines, producer on films like MY WEEK WITH MARILYN, THE RUM DIARY and GANGS OF NEW YORK, has revealed that he's developing a haunting new chiller with genre writer David Pirie (1997 UK version of THE WOMAN IN WHITE; BREAKING THE WAVES).

Unfortunately, plot details are nil, but according to Vaines it's a ghost story; a “classic genre piece given a fresh treatment”.

“David has written a brilliant outline and I’ve got people interested in the development of the piece. We could go into production very quickly at the right price,” Vaines told Screen Daily.

Once some more info on this spooky project jumps out, we'll pass it along.

"Marilyn" herself, Michelle Williams

Extra Tidbit: Do you think THE WOMAN IN BLACK is paving the way for more "classic" ghost stories?
Source: Screen Daily



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