Nacho Changes the World

Just the other day I told you all how LOS CRONOCRIMENES (TIMECRIMES) director Nacho Vigalondo was tossing around the idea of tackling a zombie movie as his next project.

While Twitch says that's still very much a possibility, they've also gotten word that Vigalondo is eyeing something completely out of the outer dimension of left field. Vigalondo wants to revisit a short he made called CHANGING THE WORLD. Try and follow along with this synopsis Twitch gives:

It plays with the idea of parallel universes, the belief that every decision spawns a new universe, that there are an unlimited number of universes representing every possible decision any individual could make. Vigalondo’s twist? His protagonist is able - forced, actually - to communicate telepathically with each of his parallel universe doppelgangers, each of which can hear the thoughts of all of the others - a situation that threatens to drive each of them mad with all the voices swirling around in their heads and leaves them all frozen, afraid to make any further decisions for fear of creating more doubles and more voices. The feature version takes that same basic idea and expands upon it, introducing a romance element to the proceedings.

That sounds like one twisted, mind-f*ck of a movie. It sounds like it'd take a hell of a lot of work to get it to flow too. But if Vigalondo thinks he can do it, I'm definatelty down.

Twitch is saying that right now Vigalondo is planning on scoring up a budget big enough to financae a low budget flick for CHANGING THE WORLD and plans on releasing it via the internet. This idea is definately something worth watching for, so we'll keep you updated. To check out a little more, head over to Twitch. You can check out the short film the movie will be based from below.

TIMECRIMES hottie Bárbara Goenaga

Source: Twitch



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