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Naomi Watts is unknowingly married to a serial killer in Errol Morris' Holland, Michigan

09.09.2013by: Eric Walkuski

The accomplished documentarian Errol Morris (THE FOG OF WAR, MR. DEATH) is moving into the world of fiction with the thriller HOLLAND, MICHIGAN, and he's enlisted Naomi Watts to star.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Naomi plays...

a woman who suspects her husband is cheating. She begins an affair of her own as revenge, but she eventually discovers that her husband is actually a serial killer.

HOLLAND, MICHIGAN has a tone that is being described as "Fargo-esque", which sounds pretty damn good to me. Combine that with Morris - a man who has quite literally seen it all - making his narrative debut on the project, and you've got a recipe for a winner. (Watts is no slouch either.)

Andrew Sodroski wrote the screenplay. Le Grisbi and Cross Creek are behind the movie, which is scheduled to start production in April.

Source: THR



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