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Natalie Portman in talks for Alex Garland's Annihilation

05.07.2015by: Ryan Miller

Natalie Portman

Alex Garland will follow-up the fantastic EX MACHINA with ANNIHILATION, a post-apocalyptic horror film adapted from a novel by Jeff VanderMeer. THR is reporting that the wonderful Natalie Portman is in early negotiations to star in the film, which is being produced by Scott Rudin.

For those unfamiliar with the book, ANNIHILATION goes like this:

The story sees a biologist, to be played by Portman, take part of a four-person expedition into Area X, a territory cutoff from civilization.  While there, she must deal with a mysterious contamination, disappearing colleagues, a deadly animal and a being known as the Crawler, all while searching for clues regarding her husband’s disappearance.

Garland wrote the script adapting the book, which hit stores last year and is part of a trilogy. Sounds like an intriguing concept with plenty of talent on board. More on this one as we get it!


Extra Tidbit: Have any of you read the book? How is it?
Source: THR



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