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Natural Selection putting diseased Eva Amurri in Isolation

02.05.2010by: Jared Pacheco
What makes movies about disease so effective? From turning people into zombies to making people's flesh fall off, disease sells. My guess is the raw sense of realism behind most disease stories is what draws people to them. The fact that something like this could actually happen is pretty intriguing... and terrifying.

The last great disease movie, in my opinion, was last year's CARRIERS and it looks like we won't have to wait long for another disease filled adventure! Variety are dropping word on a flick heading our way called ISOLATION, a new horror flick from Matty Beckerman's production shingle Natural Selection. It comes from a script by Chris Billett with Stephen T. Kay directing. What's the deal with ISOLATION? Check it:

A medical student awakens in a hospital isolation room having been losexposed to an unknown disease, desperately ill and with no recollection of how she got there.

Sounds like fun! Better than waking up from a coma to find people pointing and laughing at you right? ... That Demetri Martin is one funny guy. Anyway ISOLATION actually started lensing last week on January 25th, so things are well underway! The film stars Eva Amurri (below) as the medical student with other cast including Gregg Henry (above), David Harbour, Joshua Close, Michelle Greathouse and Robert Wu.

Well that's that! With ISOLATION filming now there's a good chance we'll here more news soon so be sure to keep it here for updates!

Extra Tidbit: Gregg Henry starred in James Gunn's SLITHER as the awesome 'Mayor Jack MacReady.'
Source: Variety



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