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NBC's "Fear Factor" gearing up for a return?! Loses the gross-out gimmick

06.03.2011by: Jared Pacheco

While browsing around The Hollywood Reporter I stumbled upon a piece of news you guys may find interesting. And considering this happens to be a pretty slow news day I figured I'd go ahead and roll with it!

Remember that game show/reality show "Fear Factor?" Of course you do. Well that shite was cancelled five years ago when it couldn't keep up with stuff like "American Idol"... I know, horrible. But alas it seems "Fear Factor" is gearing up for a comeback! Or so says Reality Blurred.

The reality competition series that pitted contestants against one another competing for a cash prize of $50,000.

According to The Hollywood Reporter a big change is going down with this "Fear Factor" reboot. You remember all those gross-out challenges involving bugs and disgusting foods like buffalo testicles? Well apparently that shite is going right out the window. It seems this "Fear Factor" reboot is going to drop all the gross challenges, hopefully in exchange for some more fear-induced ones.

Previous host Joe Rogan is not expected to return to the show, though no host has been announced as of yet. No telling when this new version of "Fear Factor" will be hitting NBC but one thing is for sure, we'll be keeping our eyes on this shite and hoping for the best!

Extra Tidbit: "Fear Factor" was the first reality series to be syndicated.
Source: Reality BlurredTHR



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