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Necrosis DVD date

12.22.2009by: Jake Dee

Eons it seems since we last had an update for Jason Robert Stephens’ claustrophobic winter flick NECROSIS, but alas, we actually have a legit DVD date for the flick. And that date is…wait for all you stoners…4/20!!!

Yup, you read it right! BrinkDVD will indeed issue a disc that will include a “Behind-The-Scenes” featurette and a Director’s Commentary.

For those in the murk, NECROSIS finds:

Six friends arrive at an isolated cabin to enjoy a long weekend in the snow. An epic snowstorm interrupts their vacation, trapping them on the mountain and resurrecting the haunting ghosts of the Donner Party. But are they true 'entities' or is it simply 'cabin fever' that brings out their fears and darkness, causing friends to turn against each other as reality deteriorates around them.

The flick stars James Kyson Lee, Tiffany (yes, of I Think Were Alone Now fame), Penny Drake (below), George Stults, Mickey Jones and our man Michael Berryman!

So start pinching that weed money and start saving up!

Extra Tidbit: Which sounds better - NECROSIS or FROZEN?
Source: AITH



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