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Nelson for werewolves?

02.14.2008by: Jared Pacheco
Judd Nelson (right) is a badass. And lately he's been doing a lot of genre flicks. Not widely released genre flicks either, but low budget B flicks. THE CARETAKER for one. And now Dread Central are reporting that Nelson might be up for another.

DC are reporting that Judd Nelson is in talks to play in the werewolf flick HOWL.

The synopsis for HOWL reads: A detective, on the hunt for a murderer in Hollywood, finds his hours are seriously hindered by the fact that he's a werewolf.

David Flores will be directing with a script from Clint Morris. The flick stars Eric Stoltz, Stephen Tobolowsky, Muse Watson, Kam Heskin (below), Christopher Showerman, and Parisse Boothe.

That plot sounds pretty intriguing and I'm always down for a werewolf movie. Especially if it's gonna have Judd Nelson in it.

We'll keep you updated on HOWL and it's casting, meanwhile you can head over to the flicks' official MySpace.

The beautiful HOWL star Kam Heskin

Source: Dread Central



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