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Neo-noir thriller Let Me Die Quietly DVD details

11.24.2010by: Alex DiVincenzo

Breaking Glass Pictures will release LET ME DIE QUIETLY on DVD on January 4th. The neo-noir thriller is directed by Mitchell Reichler. Charles Casillo penned the script and stars alongside Dana Perry, Ian Tomaschik, Paul Coughlan, and Ian MacRae. Here is the synopsis:

Mario is a man who’s been tortured by visions of violent murders all his life. An encounter, a location, or even a touch can bring him the terrifying final sensations of a murder victim. Now, as his visions intensify, he senses his own impending death. 

With an encroaching sense of tragedy, Mario sets out to save the life of the last victim in his final premonitions. Then, he has a chance encounter in an elevator with a beautiful woman, Gabrielle, who herself is psychic and seeing different aspects of the same murder. These two lost souls join forces in an attempt to stop a serial killer, but, in their quest, they may end up leading each other down a path of self-destruction.

The film has been playing film festivals since last year and won itself a few awards along the way. The suggested retail price for the DVD is $24.99. Peep the cover art below. Special features to be included are:

- Interview with writer/actor Charles Casillo
- Video of Los Angeles premiere
- Theatrical trailer

Pre-order the DVD HERE.

Extra Tidbit: LET ME DIE QUIETLY took home Best Suspense Film at both Indie Gathering Film Festival and New York Film & Video Festival.



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