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New [REC] 2 image

07.21.2009by: Mike Catalano

I still have yet to see the original [REC], but I did fairly enjoy QUARANTINE. Hence, I am looking forward to what footage may now be offered with [REC] 2. And now, I also have a brand new image from the sequel that should further feed our excitement. Yeah, that’s it up top. And it sure as hell is one ghastly sight. It looks to me that this rabies-like virus had some trouble getting quarantined off. Apparently, we are gazing at one of the newly infected.

Do you guys have any clear idea what [REC] 2 could be about? Considering the pretty grim finale of the first one, I’m not sure what kind of pertinent plotline could justify a second offering. I mean, is it going to be shown through the eyes of a cameraman again? I know the word on the street is that it’s taking place on the same night as the first one with some type of armed guards doing a sweep of the infected building. I guess we’ll wait and see if an official synopsis gets released.

At least the brilliant minds behind the first [REC] are fully on board with this one (writers/directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza), so we should be getting a well-crafted sequel. The cast is made up of Manuela Velasco, Leticia Dolera, Ferran Terraza, Juli Fàbregas, Ana Isabel Velásquez, Alejandro Casaseca, and Pep Molina. It hits theaters overseas on October 29th. I hope it comes faster to the U.S. than the original did.

Extra Tidbit: Jaume Balagueró also made that Anna Paquin horror flick, DARKNESS.
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