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New [REC] Genesis images offer familiar looks at the bloody bride

02.28.2012by: Eric Walkuski

For those of you who have been regularly following our [REC] GENESIS coverage, these pics will bring about some déjà vu; haven't we seen these images of Leticia Dolera all bloodied and traumatized before? The answer is... sort of. They aren't a whole lot different from the dozens of similarly red-stained peeks at the Filmax production, but on a slow news day, they'll have to do. Besides, it's [REC] GENESIS, baby! One of our most anticipated films of the year!

The plot: Koldo and Clara are about to celebrate the most important day of their lives: their wedding. Everything appears to be running smoothly and the bride and groom and their families are enjoying a wonderful day; that is until some of the guests start showing signs of a strange illness. Before they know what’s happening, the bride and groom find themselves in the middle of a hellish ordeal, as an uncontrollable torrent of violence is unleashed on the wedding. Amidst the chaos, Koldo and Clara become separated and begin a desperate search for one another. What started off as an idyllic day quickly descends into a nightmare of the worst kind…

[REC] GENESIS hits theaters on MARCH 30th in Spain; no U.S. release has been set as of yet (although the lucky buggers attending SXSW will get an early peek at the film).

Extra Tidbit: Most weddings end like this one - one way or another...
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