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New anthology series Dark Wall gets started with George Ratliff's Whispers

08.29.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Fourth Wall Studios premiered “Whispers,” by filmmaker George Ratliff (JOSHUA), which is the first installment in its new DARK WALL anthology, exclusively on

DARK WALL is a new online anthology of horror shorts. Combined, the episodes cover all the sub-genres of horror, from psychological thrillers to tales of the paranormal to slasher stories. A unique and distinct DARK WALL wrapper will identify each episode with an eccentric and unnerving host. Mr. Dark Wall, played by James Urbaniak, (Unforgettable,The Office, Weeds), is a disfigured paraplegic and recluse, always delighted to show another tale of madness, misery, or flat-out terror that will leave audiences scared out of their minds.

DARK WALL brings morbid curiosity to life in a way that has never before been possible prior to the RIDES platform. By delivering the scares through text, email, and even blood-curdling phone calls the RIDES features add a whole new meaning to the phrase fear factor.

Written by award-winning science fiction author Maureen McHugh, “Whispers”, the first installment in the DARK WALL anthology, centers on a father and his mentally-ill son living in an isolated farmhouse in the winter. When the father suffers a terrible accident, the son is left to cope on his own, with only the voices in his head to help him survive – but these whispers don’t seem to be his friend. “Whispers” is a story of psychological horror in which the life of a man and his young son depend on the unexplained voices surrounding them.

You can check out "Whispers" right HERE.

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