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New anthology series "The Unknown" lines up cast and directors

03.23.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Sounds like we've got a new anthology series coming our way!

Frances Fisher (THE LINCOLN LAWYER), William Atherton ("Life") and Taryn Manning ("Hawaii Five-0"), among others, will star in installments of the original anthology "The Unknown" for, the multi-platform video entertainment network. Kevin Connolly ("Entourage") directs an episode featuring Jay R. Ferguson ("Mad Men"), Visual Effects specialist Sam Nicholson ("The Walking Dead") directs Christina Pickles ("Friends") and Martha Coolidge (REAL GENIUS) directs the remaining episodes. "The Unknown" is comprised of six 30-minute, standalone episodes that fuses drama, psychological thrills, suspense and horror.

Production on the highly-anticipated series which examines unexplained phenomena, executive produced by Chris Collins ("Sons of Anarchy") and former LucasFilm executive Steve Tzirlin, commenced last month and the anthology will launch later this year on

We're always in the mood for a horror series in this vein, so bring it on, Crackle!

Taryn Manning

Extra Tidbit: How does "The Unknown" sound to you?
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