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New Blinky trailer starring Max Records makes demon robots even creepier!

11.16.2010by: Moises Hernandez

Short films rarely get under my skin. Rarely, I tell ya. In the line of short films that I've watched this is that oddity. We reported on a little this guy last year with a concept teaser (which you can view below) called BAD ROBOT. It was a teaser for the short film about a robot...gone bad. Go figure.

I've been waiting for more news this absurdly creepy short film for a while now and it looks like we might get something soon. However we won't be referring it as BAD ROBOT. Apparently BAD ROBOT has a name and that name is BLINKY.

BLINKY, acting as the new title for the short, is still f*cking creepy to me in the new official trailer. This time we step away from the concept teaser and into actual footage with Max Records? Yep, the kid who starred in WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE is the kid who unleashes digital terror onto the world. Good God that smile is the just of nightmare fuel.

Academy Award nominated and Irish writer/director Ruairi Robinson created BAD ROBOT, apparently about a little domestic apparel who judging from the teaser shouldn't have been taken out of the box.

Words can do very little right now which is why I suggest you check out the concept teaser for BAD ROBOT (released 2009) down below and then the teaser trailer for BLINKY (2010) after that. It goes quite well after each other. The new trailer features something that I don't see in trailers now-a-days: good sound. It's quite effective and it'll stick with ya even after the first hit. Keep up with AITH because more updates will be on the way.

BAD ROBOT (2009) concept teaser

BLINKY (2010) official teaser trailer

Extra Tidbit: Ruairi Robinson was at one point attached to direct AKIRA.



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