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New bloody good clips from the Chinese slasher Dream Home!

02.08.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Alright, this movie looks like one sick f*cking puppy. And I'm loving it!

Last week I brought along, exclusively, the new trailer for the Chinese slasher flick DREAM HOME, which is being unleashed here in the states courtesy of IFC Midnight. Now I've got two new and demented clips for you - both of which are most certainly NSFW! I'll also toss in a clip we had posted last year, just in the name of madness!

When she was a child, Cheng Lai-Sheung (Josie Ho) could see Hong Kong's famed Victoria Harbour from her apartment. She vows to one day save up enough money for her family to move into 'No.1 Victoria Bay' with a magnificent view. In order to achieve her dream, Cheng has to work hard at two full-time jobs. She even goes as far as stealing customer data to sell to other companies. However, no matter how much she toils, she cannot earn enough to keep up with the ever-increasing values of Hong Kong's real estate. Since property prices keep leaping higher, her dream home now seems forever out of reach...until suddenly, it dawns on her: in order to get what she wants, she must take matters into her own hands...even if it means getting her hands seriously bloody.

REAM HOME will be again, be available via On Demand from IFC Midnight on FEBRUARY 9th. It makes its theatrical debut at the IFC Center in New York on FEBRUARY 11th.

Extra Tidbit: This certainly looks more exciting than DREAM HOUSE with Daniel Craig!
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