New Child's Play sequel still in the works according to Don Mancini

You know it's "never say die" when it comes to the Chuck!

A new CHUCKY movie may very well be on the way. This intel has been delivered by none other than series creator Don Mancini who, in a response to a Twitter follower's inquiry into the status of the next Chucky flick, replied that he's still toiling away on another sequel:

Of course, this isn't the first time Mancini has brought up "Chucky 7" - he tweeted about working on it back in December of 2013. It's ultimately up to Universal to make the call on its forward progress, but obviously the Good Guy turned bad is still alive and kicking.

The last Chucky adventure, CURSE OF CHUCKY, saw the iconic villain return to his darker roots - although it still boasts plenty of amusing moments. Might the new one continue that trend, or will we once again see the lighter side of Charles Lee Ray? Stay tuned!

Extra Tidbit: Are you hoping for another Chucky flick?
Source: Twitter



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