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New clip from The Killer Inside Me has Casey Affleck in voice-over

06.18.2010by: Ammon Gilbert

In case you haven't had your calendar marked for this, here's a gentle reminder: Michael Winterbottom's THE KILLER INSIDE ME hits theaters (and Video OnDemand) everywhere today. So instead of standing in line to see some toys come to life, or waste 80s minutes of your life with a bad comic western, then it might do you good to watch Casey Affleck beat the snot out of the likes of Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson.

To help promote it's release, the good folks over at ComingSoon.net scored an exclusive clip form the film, featuring Affleck in voice over as he chats about his state of mind and what it's like to date Hudson. All very riveting stuff, I'll tell you what. Of course, there's no violence to be had anywhere within this clip (or nudity, for that matter), so if might not be smutty enough for your liking. But if the film holds any interest to you whatsoever, it's worth checking out.

Enjoy the new clip below and head out to theaters today to see THE KILLER INSIDE ME offend and disgust audiences everywhere.

Extra Tidbit: Ever since Chris Bumbray discussed this film on the JoBlo Movie Podcast back in January, its been high on my must-see list.
Source: ComingSoon.net



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