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New Cornered stills

11.18.2009by: Jake Dee

He y’all, we just caught word of a sweet little suspense thriller called CORNERED, which we warn should never be confused with the immortal Steve Guttenberg flick of the same name (sans an exclamation point). No, this doozy comes at the hand of Taylor Chien, who I’ve had the good pleasure to learn has co-directed a short called DOODY PANTS.

But I won’t dwell.

Rather, let’s have a look at Chien’s latest, which marks the man’s feature length debut after said fecal outing and the 2007 short G.S.I.: GHOST SERVICES INTERNATIONAL.

CORNERED comes about when:

A Los Angeles Homicide detective must stop a crazed, government trained Serial killer (The Stranger) before the agency that trained him can cover it up and, before the killer finds a new victim.

With the new victim, Janette, a deadly cat and mouse game ensues where: All exits of the girl’s house are rigged with explosives, there is only one safe way out. The Stranger will give clues to the correct exit as the fight goes on. The power to the house has been cut. He has given her a gun with two rounds in it, a low powered flashlight, and a knife. The entire house will explode in 45 minutes. The stranger can only try to kill her in the last ten minutes...before that he may only defend himself. He has only a knife. To survive, Janette must kill the Stranger, but not before she decodes his clues to find the exit. Brant, Carlin and Baker will jockey for position and jurisdiction, as they race to find the Stranger, and save Janette.

Wow. Kinda like THE COLLECTOR meets a number of SAW flicks, meets SE7EN. If the execution of this film in any way resembles the latter, this shite could rock the house!

Below are a few stills from the flick so far, which is currently in mid-production. Stay tuned for the trailer!

Extra Tidbit: Carmen Perez (above), who stars in CORNERED, will also be in a film called MUST LOVE HORSES, which was written by CORNERED scribe Hunter G. Williams.
Source: AITH



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