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New Cry of the Owl clip with Julia Stiles and Paddy Considine

06.07.2010by: Ammon Gilbert
Today we have a new clip from the upcoming horror / psychological thriller THE CRY OF THE OWL, which hits DVD tomorrow, starring the beautiful Julia Stiles and the great Paddy Considine. You may not have heard of this flick before now, but after watching this clip, it will likely be a small blip on your radar.

First off, what's THE CRY OF THE OWL all about? Check it: The film tells the story of Robert, a man trying to recover from a messy divorce by seeking solace in a small town. Robert becomes fascinated by the apparent domestic bliss of Jenny, who he secretly watches through her window. When Jenny catches him, she invites him in and the two begin a relationship, much to the chagrin of Jenny’s boyfriend. But when her boyfriend goes missing, Robert becomes the number one suspect in a murder investigation, leaving him to wonder if Jenny may not be all that she seems.

So basically a peeping Tom is caught, but the chick he's peepin' turns out to possibly be a murderous biotch. Awesome. It smells of the FATAL ATTRACTION / crazy woman variety of thriller, and that's just fine by me. I love those type of flicks.

The clip below features Stiles and Considine having a nice little chat until Stiles shows off a bit of her crazy side and forces a kiss upon the poor fellow. Yup, this chick is nuts! Should make for solid entertainment.

Be sure to PRE-ORDER THE DVD today, and get ready for THE CRY OF THE OWL on DVD shelves everywhere tomorrow, June 8th.

Is it me, or is it a tit nipply outside?

Extra Tidbit: The only other horror Stiles has stepped into in the past was THE OMEN remake... and that movie sucked iguana nuts.
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