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New Decade, New Rules: The first poster for Scream 4 is in!

04.29.2010by: Jake Dee

New decade. New rules. Same shitty poster!

Wes Craven and the Weisntein's haven't even finished casting SCREAM 4, yet it looks like they've just rolled out the first official poster for the film (courtesy of EW). Simpler the shite could not get, as the image solely depicts the all familiar ghost-face mask, punctuated by the same tagline we all hoped would be eschewed once production officially got underway (as opposed to some tacky promo-sales posters we've seen prior).

As alluded to, Craven and company still seem to be ironing out casting choices, the latest tidbit on that front came by way of a debunked rumor of Jamie Kennedy's return to the franchise earlier this week. We do know however, that Neve Campbell, David Arquette and his lovely wife Courteney Cox are definitely on-board. We also know the film will be shot in Michigan, substituting for Santa Rosa, California as the fictional town of Woodsboro. Oh, and that most likely the fourth edition will be rated-R!

Yet come to think of it, we're pretty sure original scribe Kevin Williamson hasn't even completed the script for SCREAM 4, though the flick still currently holds an April 15th, 2011 release.

So then, why unravel a new poster already? Savvy marketing? Fevered panic? Somewhere in between?

Drip some hemoglobin!

Extra Tidbit: I find it funny a bit more than suspicious that every day a big new ELM STREET story breaks, hours later something from Craven follows suit. Think he's still bummed about seeing his baby get remade?
Source: EW



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