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New Devil website lets you share your devilish experiences

09.08.2010by: Moises Hernandez

Talk about wild publicity, we've got two DEVIL stories within a few hours. Jared Pacheco has just brought up a few stills and now there's a neat website (I wouldn't call it a viral site) that definitively builds on the hype.

If you've ever wondered what a DEVIL 101 class would be like, wait no more. The website called The Devils Meeting seems to have been designed with the purpose of informing curious guests on the myths, folklore, supernatural and pop cultural appearances of the horned one. Feed your curiosity by exploring the content they have in store and "mingle" with other cultists users. On top of that there's a feature where users are able to share secrets of their devilish encounters. Don't take my word for it head over and attend The Devils Meeting.

Who is the Devil?

Nearly all religions of the world feature a similar figure. Sometimes he is a trickster and a deceiver.  Sometimes he is a malevolent force of pure wickedness. There are those who say that all evil comes from him—that he is the darkness in the battle between dark and light.

He is known as the adversary, the tempter, the murderer.

Here, we will catalog the ways in which mankind encounters the Devil, the places we go to find him, the ways we can avoid him, and the deeds we do to conjure him.

Have you met the Devil?

Please comment and share with us your Devil story.

You guys feeling good about DEVIL? Does this site even make a difference or is it just a poor excuse for it to become a festering pool of lame jokes and trolls? You tell us with your comments below.

Caroline Dhavernas looking very angel-like.

Extra Tidbit: Writing on your Facebook status message while drunk is one thing but telling people your "devilish" experiences while under the influence is something completely different.



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