New Friday the 13th TV series details emerge from Sean Cunningham!

As you slashers well know, we're getting a double dose of FRIDAY THE 13th soon, with a new movie and TV series currently in the works. And while the cinematic reboot, said to be helmed by David Bruckner, is certainly worthy of our (hesitant) excitement, it's the TV series that provokes the most questions. What kind of show will it be? Is it in the same spirit as "Bates Motel"? Will it bounce back and forth in time? Just how do you make a TV show about our favorite masked maniac?

Today brings some clarification, straight from series producer and original FRIDAY THE 13th director Sean S. Cunningham. Bloody Disgusting was able to get Cunningham to spill his guts regarding a few of the more nagging questions regarding forthcoming show, and while naturally he can't reveal too much, the picture has become just a bit clearer.

On whether or not this is a mother and son tale, and how present Jason will be.

It’s premature to say how the stories will involve the Pamela/Jason relationship but we have some very exciting ideas of what we’d like the show to be and some new themes we’re going to include. But that’s all hush hush at the moment. I can say the show does take place in Crystal Lake and Jason will most certainly let his presence be known.”

More thoughts on Jason, specifically his age:

Jason Voorhees will be an integral part of the series and he will definitely be ‘in character [laughs]. As we wrestle with the passage of time a new issue became how did Jason age? Did he age at all or is he the same as he was back in the day? Fortunately our special effects team led by Bill Basso, Jordu Schell and Roy Knyrim are on the case. Their work is amazing and the end result is both disturbing and fitting with the story we’re hoping to tell. We will be releasing more information around Comic-Con."

Regarding Jason's father, who once upon a time was supposed to appear at the end of FRIDAY THE 13th: JASON LIVES:

Questions about Jason’s father and other characters that haven’t yet been introduced, represent both an opportunity and a challenge for the writers. Learning more about Jason’s father would certainly qualify as a great opportunity, I think. And to put the record straight, those stories that have been floating around about Jason and Pamela and a virgin birth are just so wrong!”

Naturally, the show won't always be set on Friday the 13th.

At Crystal Lake bad shit can happen any day of the week. It’s the people and the world around Crystal Lake who create this perfect storm, if you will. Unity of time and place and action are the basic principles of dramatic structure. So limiting the time period of our stories helps everything structurally, but we’re not going to insist on everything taking place in single day.

For a few more interesting quotes from Mr. Cunningham, head over to BD. For now, let us know your thoughts on the shape "Friday the 13th: The Series" seems to be taking.

Extra Tidbit: Guess we're going to have to wait until Comic-Con to learn much more...



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