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New Friday the 13th will not be a sequel to the 2009 remake

05.22.2015by: Ryan Miller

Friday the 13th

We just recently learned the next FRIDAY THE 13TH will not be potato-cammed (found footage), and while thatís still simmering, Hannibal screenwriter Nick Antosca simply tweeted out today that the new film will not be a direct sequel to 2009ís remake, saying, ďItís not a sequel to the 2009 version. Different characters, time period, style.Ē I only hope that this means itís a sequel to the best film in the entire franchiseóJASON X. Anyone with me? No? Oh, okay.

Honestly, from everything weíve heard about the new film, it sounds like theyíre going to be leaning more towards the classic version of Jason, so hopefully they'll set the film in the 80s. Oh how we can dream. Producer Brad Fuller recently had this to say about Voorhees, "At the end of the day, those movies are so fantastic because Jason Voorhees is such a dynamic presence and people love to see him do what he does well. We hope to put Jason in a situation where heís able to do that again, and it doesnít feel like youíre seeing the same thing over and over.Ē Some encouraging words, that's for sure.

FRIDAY THE 13TH is currently slated for a May 13th, 2016 release date.

Friday the 13th

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