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New Godzilla images and trailer breakdown with Gareth Edwards

02.28.2014by: Kevin Woods

If after seeing the most recent trailer for Gareth Edwards' upcoming GODZILLA you're not completely sold on seeing the film then I don't know what else could do it. This film looks nothing short of amazing! And if you're anything like us here on AITH, then you just can't get enough GODZILLA news leading up to seeing the big buy stomp into theaters on May 16.

Today we've got some new images to share with ya, as well as a trailer breakdown from director Gareth Edwards that should delight fans. Empire Magazine's latest issue came packed with all kinds of GODZILLA goodies, including the new images below which also includes the following illustration that confirms the new Godzilla's size. Check 'em out!

Empire also sat down with Gareth Edwards who provided a breakdown of the most recent trailer, which you can check out below!

Extra Tidbit: Are you stoked for GODZILLA?
Source: EmpireScified



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