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New H2 clip!

05.25.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

The good folks over at MTV scored a nice little Memorial Day treat for us this weekend: the first stalking clip from Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2 aka H2!

If you're looking for a badder Michael Myers, a more menacing motherf*cker than what we got in Zombie's HALLOWEEN, then look no further... the Myers in H2 appears to have taken the cake in the evil motorscooter department!

He's huge, he's hulking, and he's chasing down Scout Taylor-Compton in the rain and through windows with such unrelenting authority that I can see where Zombie's taking the Myers character... and I like it. Zombie's made him scary again, and at this point... that's all we can really ask for.

But don't take my word for it. Check out the clip by heading THIS WAY (or just check it out below) and see for yourself. You can run Laurie, but you can't hide.... watch it happen August 28th, when H2 hits theaters everywhere.

Extra Tidbit: At one point, Oliver Stone was rumored to be the choice to direct the HALLOWEEN reboot until Rob Zombie stepped in.
Source: MTV



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