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New H2 trailer is here!

06.22.2009by: Eric Walkuski

We're getting closer and closer to August 28th, so naturally more and more HALLOWEEN II stuff is pouring our way. Just the other day we got our hands on the final poster for the flick, and now we have the final trailer (you WILL look at it, below).

Here's a WARNING, though: The whole trailer can be considered a spoiler. They blatantly show about a half dozen "kill" scenes, so that any suspense for said scenes is now pretty much ruined. Then again, Zombie's M.O. for his death sequences is never fright, but brutality - it would appear that HALLOWEEN II won't disappoint in that department.

On the bright side, we get a brief look at Seymour Coffins and that crazy Pumpkinheaded dude in action, so there's that. Also, lots of Scout Taylor-Compton screaming. Actually, it appears that should be this movie's subtitle.

Don't be afraid to spit some bullets below, tell us what you think about the way the trailer is handled...

Extra Tidbit: I do like the use of the classic Carpenter theme in the trailer - even though it won't be in the movie, apparently.
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