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07.09.2007by: Eric Walkuski

Nothing to get too stabbed-up about (is that an expression?), but it is our duty here to report EVERY SINGLE update regarding Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN, so here's a couple of new stills that Rob has posted on his Myspace page.

The above photo is of poor Laurie Strode doing what she’ll be doing throughout most of the film: looking like she wouldn’t mind a new brother...

Although all of the photos showing Michael Myers have looked pretty decent, they've been without much variety. I suppose there are only so many poses to show him in. In the pic below, Michael seems to be saying “Who’s next, yo?! Who’s next?!”

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that there’s a possibility a new trailer will be attached to CAPTIVITY, which comes out this Friday. Not a bad way to spend Friday the 13th, eh?

Source: MyspaceBD



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