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New image teases Sarah Paulson's character on AHS: Freak Show

07.17.2014by: Ryan Miller

With the new season of FX’s “American Horror Story: Freak Show” currently shooting, you can expect to start seeing plenty of goods from the show leading up to its October premiere. Today we have just that as co-creator Ryan Murphy took to Twitter to tease Sarah Paulson’s new character, Dot and Bette! While she may be playing two characters, they both happen to be attached to the same body as the teaser image gives us a look at the backside of a two-headed Sarah Paulson. It’s really cool and I can’t wait to see how they pull this off.

The fourth season of FX’s horror anthology series is set set in Jupiter, Florida in 1950 and finds Jessica Lange playing a German ex-pat who is managing one of the last freak shows in the U.S. This is shaping up to be their best season yet!

Lange’s posse of “unusuals” make up of Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Angela Bassett, and Frances Conroy who are all playing performers that have been rescued by Lange’s character. Michael Chiklis, also stars with Denis O’Hare and Emma Roberts returning.

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