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New images from Spring carry a dark secret, starring Lou Taylor Pucci

07.29.2014by: Ryan Miller

One of the highlights hitting the Toronto International Film Festival this September is the mysterious new film from RESOLUTION directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. With SPRING gearing up for its World Premiere at the festival, we landed a handful of new stills that give us our best look at the film yet. Hopefully a trailer will be soon to follow, but for now take a peek at the new imagery below!

Here’s what SPRING is about:

A young man in a personal tailspin flees the US to Italy, where he sparks up a romance with a girl harboring a dark, primordial secret in this edgy, romantic drama with a supernatural twist.

SPRING stars EVIL DEAD’s Lou Taylor Pucci, with Nadia Hilker and Nick Nevern.

Extra Tidbit: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have a segment in this year's V/H/S: VIRAL.



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